Dak and Dyl

Our Story

Dylan Blake and Dakota Shane are co-founders, creatives, and brothers. The two grew up writing screenplays, scribbling short stories, and filming skits with the neighborhood kids. Also, as the sons of two small business owners, Dylan and Dakota have always had an affinity for the entrepreneurial-minded.

As the years passed by, the two found themselves in the corporate world in their early and mid twenties. At NBCUniversal, Dylan’s creative ideas resulted in him organizing live entertainment events like Jurassic World, curating other exhibitions, and rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s top marketing teams. 

Prior to Arctiphi, Dakota’s involvement in the San Francisco AdTech world led to him running and managing social media marketing campaigns for brands like Papa John’s, Nature Valley, Chase Bank and more. 

The brothers first began Arctiphi as both a creative outlet amidst their corporate careers and as a way to do what they could to help empower the entrepreneurial community. 

Later on though, the two noticed there were a handful of things missing from many marketing agencies: personalized experiences, unwavering transparency and a mission to empower clients.

We’ve bought yoga classes for clients who were stressed, gifted Udemy courses to those who wanted to learn, made countless intro’s into our own personal network and more to assist in our partner’s growth. Whatever it takes to make our clients a rock star in their industry, we’re willing to tackle. And we hope we can show you firsthand someday soon :)